Exporting List of Recruits And Transfers

Exporting all of your recruits and their biographical information (grad year, club team, position, etc) from FastRecruit is a very simple process. Please follow the steps below to create a .CSV Export file.

1. Log in to the FastRecruit Web-Portal

2. From the Recruits tab, select Bulk Actions > Export

For Transfers

3. In the Export Recruits window, fill in the criteria based on which recruits you'd like to export.

  •  By entering the date you updated/edited any recruit or transfer's information in the Updated After or Updated Before field, only recruits that you've added or updated in FastRecruit during that time frame will be exported.

  •  By entering the date you created a recruit or transfer in the Created After or Created Before field, only recruits you've added into FastRecruit during that time frame will be exported.

4. Click Export Recruits and your .CSV file will be downloaded. Your completed export spreadsheet file will look similar to the below:

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