FrontRush - Transferring Recruit Information

We know that many programs use recruiting database software to manage prospects year-round. With FastRecruit, it's simple to import 

a large list of recruits that you pull from your recruiting database software at the start of the recruiting season, and export a list at the end of the season back into your recruiting software. Use this guide to help with these steps if your program uses FrontRush.


Exporting Recruit Info from FrontRush

Importing Recruit Info into FastRecruit

Exporting Recruit Info from FastRecruit

Importing Recruit Info into FrontRush

Exporting Recruit Info from FrontRush:

1. Log-in to FrontRush and select Export on the top menu

2. Select New Export

3. Select Recruits as the Type

4. Select Choose Fields and move the fields from left to right that you would like to export. We recommend: First Name, Last Name, Grad Year, School Name, School City, School State, Club Team, High School Jersey #, Club Team Jersey #, Rank/Category, Position & Coach.

5. Select Save Criteria and Export - This will allow you to save the export format as 'FastRecruit Export'. Next time you need to export recruits from FrontRush, you'll be able to select the saved criteria

6. Once your download is complete, open your spreadsheet in Excel (or Numbers) and save the file as a CSV file. This can be done by clicking the File menu and selecting Save As. Name your file and choose your save location (we suggest the desktop), then click the drop down menu next to "format" to choose the Comma Separated Values (.csv) option. You can now save your file.

Note: If some of the information you would like imported into FastRecruit  is not kept within FrontRush (e.g., Club Jersey #), you can manually add those topics within Excel (or Numbers). Be sure that you include a topic header for all of your columns in your .CSV spreadsheet.

Importing Recruit And Transfer Info into FastRecruit:

1. Log in to the FastRecruit Web-Portal

2. Once logged in, click on the Recruits tab, click the Bulk Actions drop-down menu. Select Import

For Transfers

Click on the Transfer tab, click the Bulk Actions drop-down menu. Select Import

3. Next, an Import Recruit dialogue will appear. First, click Choose File and select the .CSV file you just created.

4. Next, you will match up the columns in your excel spreadsheet with the available fields in FastRecruit. You can also create new fields as you import if they aren't available in FastRecruit.

In this Map Columns window, you'll see the available fields in the FastRecruit System on the right, and the fields available from Your Import File on the left. Some fields will match up automatically based on name. If needed, select the drop-down in the left-hand column and select the appropriate column from your import file that matches the FastRecruit field. At the bottom of the example below, I'm selecting Class, which is a column header in my excel sheet, to match up with Grad Year, an available field in FastRecruit.

**Note that school name, school city and school state must all be entered on the .CSV file in order for high school information to be imported.**

5. If you have information on your import file that is not listed as an available field in FastRecruit, you can create new fields in the Custom Fields section at the bottom. Simply type in the name of the field you'd like to create (Position in the example below), then click the + button to the right. Once you click the + button, you'll be able to select the column from your import file that matches this new field in FastRecruit.

6. Once you've mapped all of your fields, click Next to proceed. Pay attention to any error messages noting adjustments needed to your import file.

If you receive an error message like the one below regarding duplicate recruits within your file, you must delete any duplicate entries in your spreadsheet so that each recruit has a unique name. If you happen to have two recruits with the exact same name, please add an initial to one of the recruits so that their names are not exactly the same. You DO NOT need to close out of FastRecruit to do this. Simply open up your .CSV file, make the corrections needed and save your file, then press the Next button again in FastRecruit. If all duplicates have been removed, you can continue on your way to importing your recruits. 

7. Next, you will be taken to a Preview of your import. New recruits to your FastRecruit database will be listed in white, while recruits already within your FastRecruit database will appear highlighted in yellow. For example, in the file below, Sue Bird and Maya Moore are new Recruits in this Database, while LeBron James and Michael Jordan are existing Recruits within FastRecruit so they are highlighted in yellow. A recruit may already exist in your database if you added them last year, or if another staff member already entered them. For existing recruits in your database, any information within your .CSV file that differs from what you currently have in FastRecruit will appear highlighted in red. In the example above, LeBron James' "Class" and "High School Jersey Number" have changed. Press Confirm when you are ready to move forward, and your Recruits will now be loaded into FastRecruit.   

Exporting Recruit Info from FastRecruit:

1. Log-in to the FastRecruit Web-Portal

2. From the Recruits tab, select Bulk Actions > Export

For Transfers

3. In the Export Recruits window, fill in the criteria based on which recruits you'd like to export.

  • By entering the date you updated/edited any recruit or transfer's information in the Updated After or Updated Before field, only recruits that you've added or updated in FastRecruit during that time frame will be exported.

  •  By entering the date you created a recruit or transfer in the Created After or Created Before field, only recruits you've added into FastRecruit during that time frame will be exported.

4. Click Export Recruits and your .CSV file will be downloaded.

Exporting Notes

1. To export your notes, go to the Reports tab > Notes

2. Fill in filters as needed to show only notes created during certain dates, for certain recruits, or by specific staff members. Leave these filters blank to export all notes. Once you've filtered as needed, click Export Notes.

7. You'll finally be asked how to sort the notes in the excel file. You can choose to sort by recruit or by most recent. We recommend sorting by recruit if you plan on transferring these notes back into FrontRush. Once you make your selection, your .CSV file will be downloaded.

Importing Recruit Info into FrontRush:

1. First, e-mail FrontRush Support at the .CSV file of your recruit information. In the e-mail include your school's name and indicate that you'd like to have the attached information added to your account. FrontRush support will then complete the process of updating your recruit information.

2. To import your notes that were taken in FastRecruit, you will need to copy and paste them back into FrontRush manually. To do this, first open FastRecruit and navigate to Reports > Notes

3. If needed, you can filter the notes that show by date, recruit, or author (coach)

4. We recommend clicking on the 'Recruit' column to sort your notes by recruit

5. Open FrontRush in a separate browser tab/window. Copy the relevant notes for each recruit and paste them into the recruit's profile in FrontRush

This copy/paste process will save you a lot of time over taking notes by hand in the paper recruiting book while on the road and then needing to type everything out once you get back on campus. FastRecruit will organize your notes by recruit and allow for easy copying and pasting into FrontRush when you return.

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