Getting Started

If you're just getting started with FastRecruit, there's some initial set-up steps you'll want to take to ensure you and your staff are ready to take full advantage of the best recruiting application in the game!

1. Set up Staff

Ensure the correct staff members have access to FastRecruit and are assigned the correct roles. Your account administrator can manage all of this from our Admin Portal. From here you can add coaches to FastRecruit, reset passwords, and more. Reference our detailed guide on the admin portal if needed. 

2. Add Recruits

FastRecruit serves as a database for your recruits all year round. You can add recruits one at a time, or import a list of recruits in bulk. If your program uses recruiting software such as JumpForward, ACS or ARMS, we've created handy guides on how to export your recruits from these applications and import them into FastRecruit:

3. Manage Flexible Fields and Lists

In FastRecruit you can create custom fields to assign recruits such as Coach, Position, Ranking and more. Read this article or reference this video on how to manage these flexible fields in FastRecruit. 

You can also create custom lists of recruits based on the criteria you define. These lists are meant to better track a sub-set of recruits that are of interest to specific coaches. Read this article or reference this video on how to manage lists in FastRecruit.

4. Prepare for Tournaments

Before heading out to AAU tournaments, make sure to assign coaches to the tournaments they are attending, assign recruits to tournaments you expect to see them at and map them to their tourney teams, and follow tourney teams as needed.

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