FastDraw iPad Activation and Log-in

Installing the FastDraw App

You can download the FastDraw Basketball app for free from the App Store, available here. Please be sure that you download the "FastDraw" app, and not "FastDraw Pro". For more information on FastDraw Pro, please see the troubleshooting section at the end of this article.

Activating a FastDraw Trial

You can begin using the app right away by opening the Settings menu in the app and selecting Login/Register. You can then register for the free FastDraw iPad Trial Subscription. This trial subscription will allow you to create up to 10 plays on the app. If you would like to upgrade to the unlimited subscription and receive access to all of the FastDraw iPad features, you can purchase a FastDraw iPad subscription, or the FastDraw Desktop Plus iPad package. After your purchase is complete, you will receive your login credentials to your e-mail address.

Activating a FastDraw Subscription

After purchasing a FastDraw subscription, you will receive your login password via e-mail. You can then login to the app by selecting Login/Register from the Settings menu to receive full access to all of the features in the app.

Troubleshooting - Subscription is not Activated

If you have purchased a FastDraw iPad subscription and you are receiving a message that your subscription has expired, or if your app is still operating in trial mode, you will need to log out of the app and deactivate it, and then log back in. Logging out of the app will erase any plays that you have created in the app, so you will need to follow the steps below to preserve your plays during this process:

  • E-mail each of your created plays to yourself by following the directions in this article in the "Sending a FastTrade from FastDraw iPad" section. Enter your own e-mail address as the recipient.
  • Once you have e-mailed each of your plays, open the Settings menu and choose Log Out, and then click the red Deactivate button.
  • Next, open the My Plays tab on the left side. At the bottom, you will see a bubble that lists the number of plays currently in your library. Please press and hold on this bubble for a full 5 seconds. If nothing happens after 5 seconds, please try again to ensure that you are making solid contact. After 5 seconds a pop up window should appear. In this window there will be a button that says Clear Cached Data.

  • After pressing the Clear Cached Data button, close out of the window and close out of the app completely. You can close out of the app by exiting to the Home screen, then pressing the Home button twice to see a list of all of your currently running apps. Scroll left or right until you find FastDraw, then swipe up to kill the app.
  • Reopen the FastDraw app and Login from the Settings menu.
  • Once you are logged in, revisit this article and check out the "Receiving a FastTrade - iPad" section. Your e-mailed plays will be located in your Inbox, and you can follow the article's directions to import them back into your library. 

Troubleshooting - "No seats" error message

If you have purchased a subscription to FastDraw iPad, you will be able to use your login information with the FastDraw app. Attempting to log in to the FastDraw Pro app, however, will result in a "no seats" error message. Please be sure to use the regular FastDraw app instead.

The FastDraw Pro app requires the purchase of a FastDraw Advanced license, which is most commonly used by our NBA and NCAA Division I clients. A FastDraw Advanced license can only be purchased through an Account Manager and is not available for purchase through our website. If you are interested in learning more about the FastDraw Advanced license, please contact our Support Team.

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