Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where do I log into FastDraw Web?
  2. Which mobile app do I download?
    • You will be able to send your plays, playbooks, and videos to your team via the FastScout app. You can download the app in both the Apple and Android app stores. It is also available on both mobile and iPad devices.
  3. What does the FastShare button do?
    • Instead of using the Sync button to save all of your plays as was the case in the past, you will now use the FastShare button. Every time you FastShare, your plays will be saved to your account. Not only that, but they will also be distributed to FastDraw Web as well as shared to other coaches on the account who have been given access to the FastDraw application. Once they FastShare on their own computers, all of your plays/changes will reflect in their system, and vice versa!
  4. How do I draw my plays in the new system?
    • The FastDraw application that you have used in the past will still function in the exact same way. It will be used to draw all of your plays and create all of your playbooks. 
  5. How do I reset my password?
    • Passwords can be reset by the administrator on the account within the Admin Portal. Any user can also reset their password using this link.
  6. How do I add my staff and players to my account?
    • After purchasing your account, you can add your staff members and players to the account via the Admin Portal. You will need to make sure to grant each user access to the products you wish to be available to them (FastDraw & FastScout for coaches, FastScout only for players)
  7. What does a seat mean? How many does each user need?
    • A seat signifies access that a user has been given access to a product. For FastDraw, a user will need 1 seat for every device they wish to activate the FastDraw application on. For FastScout, a user will only ever need 1 seat. 
  8. How do I change my team properties (team name, logo, colors, etc.)?
    • Team properties can also be adjusted in the Admin Portal within the FastScout product page. From there, in the upper right-hand corner, there will be an option to "Add/Edit Team Properties)
  9. What types of video files are supported in FastDraw Web?
    • Both .mp4 and .mov files can be uploaded into FastDraw Web

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