Assigning Seats

If you need to grant or revoke access to an application for a user, first select the Edit option to the right of any user.

Once on the User page, you'll see options at the bottom showing the products and seats currently assigned to them. If you need to add a user to a product they are not yet on, hit the Product Seats dropdown and select that new product. If the user is already on the product and needs more seats, simply adjust the number of seats under the Seat Activations section.

IMPORTANT: For FastDraw and FastDraw Tablet, users will need one seat per device they wish to activate on. (Ex: to use a work computer and personal laptop, 2 seats are required for FastDraw). 

To revoke a user's access to an application, first select the Product Seats dropdown. Then, click on the product that you want to remove that user from. In the example below, you would click on the FastDraw dropdown to remove this user and revoke his access.

To add or edit the user roles, click on the Roles dropdown.

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