Assigning Seats

If you need to grant or revoke access to an application for a user, first select the application from your list or the Products drop-down:

From the product page (FastScout in the example below), to add a new user, select Assign Seat, select a user from the drop-down list, then type 1 in the #Seats field and select Add. 

IMPORTANT: For FastScout, users will only need 1 seat. For FastDraw and FastDraw Tablet, users will need one seat per device they wish to activate on. (Ex: If a coach wants to activate his FastDraw on his home computer and his work computer, he would need 2 seats). 

To revoke a user's access to an application, first select the pencil icon under the #Seats column, then select Remove:

To add or edit these roles, click on the pencil next to the role, and check the box next to each role. 

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