Copy and Paste Frames, Clearing v Deleting Frames

Copy and Paste a Frame

You can copy a frame (including Frame Label and Play Notes) from a play and paste it in any play. To copy, simply right click on the frame, then select "Copy Frame to Clipboard" from the menu. Then, select any play and right click on the frame that you'd like to paste this in and select "Paste Frame from Clipboard" from the menu. If there are drawings in a frame already, pasting a frame will automatically override it. You can undo this by using the Undo button or using Control + Z / Command + Z.

Clearing and Deleting a Frame

If you have a frame that you'd like to remove, there are 2 options available. Clearing a frame will only remove the drawing in the frame, but it will leave the Frame Label and Play Notes. Deleting a frame will remove the entire frame (including the Frame Label and Play Notes), then move any following frames up a spot.

Both of these options can be found by right clicking on the frame, then hovering over "Frame" before selecting either "Clear Frame" or "Delete Frame" from the menu.

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