Navigating the App

When you open the app - and have logged in - you will see the home page of the app. Here you will see your team name and details, along with your plays in the account. On the first use for a new user, there will be no plays shown.

The FastModel Sports logo in the top left corner will open the FastDraw Settings menu. Here you will be able to sign out or easily contact our support team.

You can sort your plays by Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest, or Alphabetically by selecting the sort icon and then selecting your preferred option. You are also able to use the search bar to quickly find a play or drill in your library.

To create a new play, select the icon in the top right corner and enter the play details. Please click here for more information on creating a new play.

When you have created multiple plays and have a range of teams, series', and tags, you will be able to use the filters to help sort through your plays. Click on any of the headers - Season, Team, Series, or Tag - and then select the relevant filter you'd like to see.  To view every play that is currently in your play library, all filters will need to be set as All.

To use the drop down menu, click on the header and select the filter you'd like to isolate - Season, Team, Series, Tag or a combination of these. In the example below, the Series filter is used to display only plays labeled as Motion.

You can further refine plays by other filters. In the example below, setting the Team to Southside Flyers will stop displaying all other plays, except for those labeled as both Southside Flyers and Motion.

By switching the Series filter back to All Series, the only plays shown now are those with the Team labeled as Southside Flyers, regardless of the Series.

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