Drawing Plays

Adding Players

As shown at the bottom of the frame, you will automatically be in FastPlace mode and then in FreeDraw mode. While in FastPlace mode, press anywhere on the court to place player "1", then "2", and so on for all 5 players. Pressing a player again - at any stage - will give them the ball. 

Adding Actions

While in FreeDraw mode, you can use your finger/stylus to draw any movement style you'd like. Once you release your finger/stylus, you will be prompted to select what action you'd like it to be; a screen, cut, dribble, or pass. You can also cancel the action if the movement pattern looked wrong or if it was a mistake.

After drawing a straight action, it will appear on the diagram with a green dot at either endpoint. The green dots can be used to move each endpoint into place. In the example below, this can be seen on 1s dribble.

When you add a curved line to the court, you will see the green dots on each endpoint, as well as another green dot at the midpoint of the curve. All of these points can be moved to change the start and end point of the action, as well as to modify the arc of the curve. In the example below, this can be seen on the screens being set by 2 and 5.

When adding more detailed movements, such as an angle with a curve or multiple curves, you will see multiple midpoints that can be adjusted the same way.

Editing Actions

If you would like to change the action type, i.e. from a cut to a screen, hold the action you'd like to edit. You will then see the edit window where you can click on the Type box and select a different action type. You can also change the color, remove the arrowhead, or delete the action from this menu.


After adding the first actions of your play in a frame, you can advance the players and ball to their next location in the following frame by clicking the FastBuild button at the bottom right.

The following frame will automatically assign the players and ball to their new positions as per the diagram on the previous frame. For example, you can see that 1 still has the ball but is now at the top of the 3pt line, 2 has cut to the basket, and 5 has popped out to the short corner.

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