Extra Drawing Options

Adding Player Icons

You can select a player icon from the left hand side and it will be added to the court. If you'd like to use color for your team or have more than 5 players for a drill, this is ideal.

Editing Player Icons and Adding Color

Once the icon is on the court, hold your finger/stylus on the player icon to view the Player Style menu. You can change the text for the player by typing in the text box, as well as change the color by selecting "Color" and then using the Grid, Spectrum, or Sliders options.

You can use the Invert Style option will toggle the color around the player icon or back to the standard text only. You can also press and drag the preview of the player icon in the Rotation display to change the direction.

Here you can see some examples of different colors with both standard and inverted options. Both 3 and x5 have also been rotated to face the basket.

Clearing and Deleting Frames

To remove all actions and icons in a frame, press the Clear button in the bottom right corner. This won't clear any Frame Labels or Frame Descriptions, only the drawings on the diagram.

To remove  a frame from a play entirely, press the - button in the bottom right corner. This will completely remove the frame from the play.

Now the play only consits of 3 frames.

Undo / redo

Use the arrows in the bottom left corner to undo or redo the last edits made.

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