Tourney Games Report

For those coaches who would like to see a full list of games taking place in a tournament in a list format, we have created the Tourney Games report. From this report, you can filter by Session, Tourney, Date Range, Venue, and Team, and you will be able to see any of your Recruits playing in your selected games. For those coaches who like the 'Grid' style schedule, please see this article.

1. Log-in to the FastRecruit Web

2. Navigate to Reports > Tourney Games

3. In the Filter by area, select a session, 1 or more tournaments, and dates to pull up a complete list of games occurring at those tournaments. You can also choose to filter down further by specific gyms or teams. Toggle the Incomplete Games Only switch on to only see games that have not yet been played.

4. The resulting report will look like the example seen below. To export this report, simply click Export Schedule as highlighted below and an excel file will be downloaded. From Excel, you can print this schedule if needed.

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