Game Attendance Report

On the FastRecruit iPhone App, coaches can mark which games they actually attended by tapping on the green check-box on their schedule. From the FastRecruit Web, you can then generate a report to see which coaches attended which games. Please note this report will only show results if games are marked as attended on the iPhone app as seen below:


1. Log-in to FastRecruit Web

2. Navigate to Reports > Game Attendance

3. In the Filter by area, fill in the date, recruit or staff filters to narrow down the results as needed. Leaving these blank will show all games marked as attended on the iPhone app.

4. The resulting report will look like the one seen below. You will see a row for each game marked as attended on the iPhone app with details of each. Note that the Group by filter is left blank in this example.

5. Selecting an option in the Group by filter will change the way your report appears. Selecting Group by Recruit will list each recruit on a single row and show how many games each coach attended for that recruit. Selecting Group by User will list each staff member on a single row and show how many games were attended and which specific recruits were seen.

6. To export this report as an excel file, simply click Export Attendance Data after filling in the filters as needed.

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