System Requirements & How FastDraw Works

Is FastDraw downloaded or web based?

FastDraw Desktop

  • The FastDraw Desktop program is a software program that is locally downloaded and installed to the computer. 
  • The plays that you create in FastDraw are saved locally in a file on your hard drive. 
  • FastDraw features a cloud Sync service that will allow you to save your work to the FastModel cloud to protect your work and make for easy transfers.

FastDraw iPad

  • The FastDraw iPad app can be downloaded from the App Store
  • The plays that you create in the app are saved on the iPad, and are erased if you log out of the app. 
  • The FastDraw app features the same cloud Sync service as the Desktop version. This cloud server will also allow you to sync your iPad and Desktop FastDraw libraries with the FastDraw Desktop Plus iPad package.

Does FastDraw work on Macs and PCs?

The FastDraw Desktop software works on PC, Mac, and Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 devices or higher. The Desktop software is not supported on Google Chromebook, or Microsoft Surface 2 devices.

FastDraw iPad

The FastDraw app is available for and supported on all iPad models. The app is not supported on iPhones.


FastDraw is currently not supported on Android devices of any kind. We do not have any immediate plans to offer an Android-compatible version of FastDraw.


Any plays created in FastDraw are fully compatible across all platforms.

What are the system requirements for FastDraw?

FastDraw is a very light program, but we do recommend at least 2 GB of RAM if possible. The user will also need to have read/write privileges in order to maintain and save the database of plays.

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