Individual & Staff Use of FastDraw

Can I install FastDraw on multiple computers?

  • The FastDraw license gives you unlimited seats, or unlimited installs, for one user
  • You can install FastDraw on any computer that you would like to use, at home, at the office, or on the road. 
  • You can keep your play library synced on each computer by using the Sync feature to save your library to the FastModel cloud server.

Can multiple coaches use one FastDraw license?

  • The FastDraw license is for one user only. 
  • For teams with more than one coach who will be using FastDraw, each coach will need their own FastDraw license under their own name and e-mail address. 
  • Plays and playbooks can then be shared among each coach by using the FastTrade e-mail system, and each coach can also use the Sync feature to protect their work and transfer their plays between multiple computers.

Can I share plays with other coaches or players?

You can share plays and playbooks with coaches or players who do not have their own FastDraw licenses using the two methods below.


Individual plays can be sent to players or coaches using the FastTrade e-mail system. The plays can then be viewed in an e-mail browser or a web browser.

PDF Playbooks

With the FastDraw Desktop software, your plays can be added to a playbook and organized the way that you would like. You can then create a PDF version of your playbook and attach it to an e-mail to your coaches or players.

Sharing With Other FastDraw Users

Using the FastTrade e-mail system, you can send multiple plays or playbooks* to other coaches who use FastDraw. The plays will appear in the FastTrade Manager Inbox of the recipient, and can be added directly into their own FastDraw play library. (*Note: A FastDraw Desktop license is required to view playbooks received via FastTrade.)

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