Creating a New Play or Drill


Starting a New Play

A new play can be created by clicking the New Play icon.

In the New Play menu, select the Type of drawing you're about to create; either a Play or Building Block. Type in your Play Name and select your Season, then select or create new Team and Series labels for your play. Team and Series labels are used to organize and group similar diagrams together, so creating descriptive and accurate labels will help you find particular diagrams quickly later on. Everything (play name, season, labels, and type) can be changed later if needed.

Changing Court Dimensions

When creating a new play, you have the option to select the court design you would like to use, and which court lines to include in your diagram. Use the "Court" section of the New Play menu to select your Court Type, the "Drawing Area" section to select the Region of the court to be shown in the diagrams and to Include Out of Bounds areas, and the "Court Contents" section to control which court lines are shown.

For example, drawing a play for a baseline inbound situation, check the checkbox for "Include Out of Bounds" and "End" and the shaded area in the Preview will show the added area. In the example, the No-Charge Area and Lane Markings have been removed by unchecking the checkbox. To show them again, simply check the checkboxes by clicking on them.

Once you are happy with your play name, play labels, and court design select "OK" and you will be taken to the Draw tab. You will notice that the Play Library window, on the left, has automatically adjusted to match the Team and Series of your new play. On the right, the Play Editor will show blank diagrams with the court settings as selected in the previous section.

Editing Court Design on an Existing Play

If you'd like to change the court dimensions for any play that you've already created, simply right click on the Frame and select Edit Basketball Court.

This will open the Edit Play menu, which is identical to the New Play menu. Here, you will have full control of your play options to make changes to the play labels, Court Type, etc.

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