Utilizing Building Blocks

Building Blocks are a time saving tool that allows you to create alignments or commonly run actions and use them as templates when creating plays so you don't have to keep re-drawing them.

Please note: Building Blocks will not be shown in FastDraw Web.

To create a new Building Block, click the New Play icon to start a new play and change the Type from Play to Building Block in the top right corner. Finish setting up the court, as you would in a new play, then select OK. You will be prompted to update the filter to view the play, select Yes to be taken to the Building Blocks tab.

Once you have created a Building Block, you can find and edit your Building Blocks by clicking the Building Block tab to the left of the Play Library window. To return to your plays, click on the Plays tab.

To add a Building Block, select the frame you'd like to draw on, then click the Building Blocks palette and select the Building Block that you would like to add. Below is an example of Building Blocks > Horns > "Horns - Bigs Step Up" which includes 2 screen actions. With this, you can create multiple plays that start with the exact same Horns alignment and screen action, before creating various actions in the following frames.

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