Miscellaneous Drawing Tools


Adding Defense to a Diagram

Defensive players can be added to any FastDraw diagram, either by manually dragging defensive player stencils onto the court, or by using the FastDefense feature.


Circle or text defenders can be added from the Positions palette


If you have already added offensive players to the court, quickly add 5 corresponding defenders by using the FastDefense feature. FastDefense can be accessed by right-clicking within the frame and selecting FastDefense, and then selecting either circle or text defenders.

Adding Color to a Diagram

Color can be added to any player icon or stencil on the court using. To add color, first click the player(s) and/or action(s) that you would like to change, and then click the Color icon.

In the FastColor menu, you'll be able to select from a range of preset colors in the Swatches tab. You can also toggle to other tabs, as seen below, to select the exact color you'd like. In the RGB tab, you will have the option to enter a Color Code, if you know the one you'd like to use. Once the color is selected, press the OK button at the bottom.


The Shading palette in FastDraw allows you to add areas of shading to your diagram and customize the shading color. This is ideal for drills and other concepts that you wish to teach to your players.

You can add shading to a diagram by clicking any dragging any of the available shapes from the Shading palette.

After your shading is added, use the yellow endpoints to adjust the size and shape of your shading area.

The color of the shading can be changed by clicking the Color icon, and then selecting your desired color.

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