High School Tab

On the FastRecruit mobile app, select the High School Tabicon to manage your recruiting schedule during the High School season.

1. The High School tab shows any High School games or Appointments you've been assigned to. The tab has three available views as highlighted below: Day, Week, and Agenda. 


2. Select the month in the top-left corner to toggle to a different date or week.


3. Use the search button to search for any game or appointment on your schedule.


4. Selecting any game or appointment will bring up the details of the appointment. This includes a map that you can tap on to get driving directions, notes, recruits, and coaches who are planning to attend.

5. Tap on the Add Attendees button to add additional coaches to the appointment.


6. Tap Edit to change any details about the appointment, or to add a note.


7. To create a new appointment, select the + icon from the Schedule tab.

8. Fill in the name, time, and location of the appointment, You can also add notes, assign recruits, and invite coaches on staff to attend. Select Save to complete.

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