FastRecruit Game Import Tool

The FastRecruit High School Import Tool will allow you to enter your recruit's schedules on our spreadsheet template (see attached) and then import those games into FastRecruit. Follow the steps in this guide to complete this import process.

1. If you haven't already, make sure your recruits are loaded into FastRecruit with their High Schools documented. Learn more about adding/editing recruits here.

2. Log-in to the  FastRecruit web-portal and navigate to the Schedule tab. Click Manage Imported Games to get started.

3. If you have not imported any files previously, you will see a blank screen like below. The next step is to download the excel spreadsheet template that you will use to add High School games. This template is attached to this guide or can be downloaded from the Schedule tab as highlighted below.

4. Open the spreadsheet template, and fill-in each row with games you would like to import. We've included an example row with information for your reference.

Required fields for each row are:

- Date (acceptable formats: mm/dd/yy, mm-dd-yy, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy)

- Site

- Recruit School Name

- Recruit School State

All other fields are optional, but we recommend filling in as much information as possible in each row. Each row represents a single game. For any in-season tournament play, enter T in column C (Site), and use the start time of the first game as the game time. Use TBA if you are unsure of the location. This will help block off coaches calendars for important high school tournaments.

Save your spreadsheet once you've filled in games. Make sure the file format is CSV. This is the only format FastRecruit will accept. Make sure your spreadsheet does not have any blank rows and that you are sure to delete our example row that starts with... "delete this"

5. Back on the FastRecruit web-portal, click Import Schedule to begin the import process.

6. Choose your saved CSV file from the previous steps, then click Next.

7. Next, you will be asked to map/confirm the high schools for your recruits (columns D-G in the excel spreadsheet template). FastRecruit has a fairly comprehensive list of High Schools from around the country. As you can see below, FastRecruit made 1 or 2 suggestions for the 3 High Schools on my spreadsheet. I can click one of the schools from the Matched School column, or use the Search Schools box to search for a different school.

FastRecruit will link your recruits to their games based on the High School you have documented in FastRecruit.  If you are unable to locate a High School, you can click on Report Missing School and send us the information, or e-mail us at

After selecting a school, the Matched School will appear as seen below and a green check-mark will appear to the right. Click Next to repeat these steps for Opponent schools.

8. Repeat the above step for Opponent High Schools, selecting a recommended option or searching for a High School as needed. Click Next to continue.

9. Next, we will see a preview of the games we are importing. If any changes need to be made, click Edit to make corrections to any details regarding that game. 

10. Once all of your game locations have been confirmed, click Save Schedule to complete the import process.

11. Back on your Schedule tab, you can see the new games you've imported and can assign coaches to specific games using the star icons highlighted below. Assigning a game to a coach will enable the game to appear on their schedule in the FastRecruit app. 

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