Tourneys Tab

From the Tourneys tab, coaches can view complete tournament schedules, follow tournament teams, map recruits to their tournament teams, and more!



Games by Venue



1. The Tourneys tab will list all tournaments that FastRecruit is covering. FastRecruit only includes tournaments for which we have a partnership with the tournament operator. Use the Search bar to search for specific tournaments. The Scheduled Tournaments switch will show only tournaments for which the final lists of team and schedules have been loaded into FastRecruit. 

2. When this Scheduled Tournaments switch is turned off, other tournaments may show for which we are still awaiting final lists of teams & schedules.

Games by Venue:

After selecting a scheduled tournament, the first tab you'll see is Games by Venue. This will show a list of each gym where games are being played. You'll also see a map with red pins denoting the location of each gym.

Selecting a specific venue or the All Venues option will bring up a schedule for the first day of the tournament. This will be a complete schedule of all games happening at a specific venue or across all venues at that tournament, not accounting for teams or recruits you are following.

From this view, you can star a game which will add it to your Schedule tab, mark the game as attended, or select the game to link recruits and get driving directions.



After selecting a scheduled tournament from the Tourneys tab, the other tab you'll see available is Teams. Selecting the Teams tab will bring up a list of all teams participating in that tournament. Teams are listed alphabetically by division. Use the search bar to quickly find a specific team.

2. Selecting a team will bring up a team page. From here you can follow the team by toggling the switch on as seen below. Following a tournament team means all games the team plays in will be added to your personal Schedule tab.

3. From this team view, you can also add recruits to the tournament team, and view the tournament schedule for that team. Starring a single game from this view will add that game to your Schedule tab. Remember that if this is a win-and-advance bracket-style tournament, starring a single game will not account for the next game in the tournament. Following a team or linking a recruit are the best ways to ensure all games a team plays in are added to your Schedule tab.

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