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**Please note this article touches on certain functionality only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

Overview: The Home Tab will be the default view when you open the app and will show recruit lists, assigned task, and alerts. To view a list view of every recruit in your database select the Recruits tab at the bottom right.


Recruit Lists


Recruit Lists:

1. The Lists tab, located under the home tab at the bottom of the screen, shows your recruiting lists created on FastRecruit Web. Selecting a list will show every recruit on the list. Selecting a specific recruit from the list will pull up that recruit's profile. From here you can view and edit recruit details, add notes, or contact recruits via the contact/social links.

Select the Feed tab to view tweets created by or about recruits on the list (*'Feed'  option is only available for FastConnect users). The Calendar tab shows a daily schedule of games or appointments for the recruits in the selected list. The Notes tab will show you a combined list of notes for the recruits in your selected list.


The Tasks feature allows you to assign tasks to yourself or other coaches. Tasks can be used to remind coaches to complete important activities such as texting a recruit to congratulate them on a big victory or reaching out to an AAU coach. Tasks can be managed from both the web portal and the mobile app. This article will cover tasks on the mobile app. Read more about tasks on the web portal, here

On the Home tab, right below next to recruit lists, you'll see any outstanding Tasks assigned to you. Tasks will appear in two colors:
Blue - Indicates Task is not past due date/time
Red - Indicates Task is past due date/time

To create a new Task, select Add Task. In the Add Task window, enter the following information:

  • Recruit: If the Task is specific to a recruit, search for them here. Leave this field blank if the task is not specific to a recruit. This field is optional.
  • Staff: Select the coach who this Task should be assigned to. This is a required field.
  • Due Date: Select the due date for this Task. This is a required field.
  • Due Time: Select the due time for this Task. This field is optional. Due time will default to 12:00 AM if no time is specified.
  • Instruction: Enter the details of the Task. This is a required field.

If you select a Task, you will see a Task Menu as seen below. You will have the option to contact recruit, mark the task as completed, edit the task, or delete the task.

Selecting Contact Recruit will bring up a menu with any saved phone numbers or e-mail addresses associated with the recruit. If no phone number or e-mail address is attached to the recruit, you will see options to launch into the default messaging or mail apps as seen below to the right.


After contacting the recruit and returning to FastRecruit, you'll be prompted to mark the Task as complete as seen below on the left. Selecting Mark Task Completed will bring up a menu as seen below on the right.

If you contact a recruit, we recommend selecting Set Last Contacted to document the interaction. Doing so will bring up a prompt, shown below, to document the interaction.


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