Selecting the Leaders tile will allow you to choose between 7 different stat categories:

1. Top Scores

2. 3 Point Shooters

3. Free Throw Shooters

4. Rebounds

5. Ball Control (Assists+Turnovers)

6. Defense

Click the GAMES tab to choose the specific game(s) to include in the leaders' tile. Once you have selected the specific game(s), toggle to the Options tab to preview a sample. Additional stats can be added to the tile by checking the box(es) under Show Additional Stats. Each leaders' category will have different "Additional Stats" available. Choose what you want the tile to use to sort in the "Sort By" area. You can arrange the column order, adjust the number of rows to display, and toggle stats between Average and Totals. You can also select Average or Per 40 stats,  Click Add Tile once you've chosen the stat category you'd like to add.

You can hide players individually with the "Hide Players" dropdown, or use the minimum value field to set a benchmark minimum that will auto-sort out users not meeting the criteria.

Once the tile had been added, you can move or re-size it just the same as any other tile.

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