How are Lineup Stats Calculated in FastScout?

How are Lineup Stats calculated?

In FastScout, we calculate Lineup Stats from Play-By-Play data we receive from our data-providers. This Play-By-Play data tells which 5 players are on the court together at any given time. When 5 players are on the court together, we can calculate all of the statistics they accumulate as a 5-person unit: how many minutes they played together, how many points they score together, what their combined FG% was while on the court together, etc.

Why are Lineup Stats sometimes incorrect?

Sometimes, we encounter incorrect Play-By-Play data submitted by our data providers (often due to an accident/mistake by an SID or others tracking the stats courtside). For example, the list of play-by-play events may show that only 4 players are on the court together, or that 6 players are on the court. In these instances, we choose to ignore the lineup-stats instead of capturing incomplete information.

These instances can lead to Lineup Stats that appear incomplete. For example, in a 40-minute game, we may only display lineup stats for 30-minutes of play because for a 10-minute period, only 4 players were on the court according to the Play-By-Play data.

We are dependent on accurate Play-By-Play data from teams and data-providers to relay accurate Lineup-data in FastScout.

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