Multi-Team Splits

Tile Overview

The Multi-Team Splits tile allows you to view Team Stats for your own team and your opponent in one table, side-by-side.

This tile is available under the Team Stats menu in ScoutBuilder:


Under the COLUMNS tab, you can define which columns (splits) appear in the table. By default, the All Games split will be selected for both teams. The number in parentheses indicates the number of games included in the split.

To add additional splits, click the +ADD SPLIT button and select from the menu. You can select the team's offensive or defensive stats for each column you add.

Selecting 'ADD CUSTOM SPLIT' will let you define a custom sub-set of games to include.

Finally, you can choose to include columns for league or conference averages in the table.


On the STATS tab, you can choose which stat-rows display in the table. From here you can drag & drop the rows in a specific order, and toggle on rankings for your league or conference.

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