Add/Import New Prospects

To get started with using ProspectView, you'll want to add the prospects you're currently scouting. You can import a list of prospects saved as a .CSV file, or add prospects one add a time.

Import Prospects

To import prospects, you'll first want to have a spreadsheet saved with your prospects. The columns in your spreadsheet will depend on the information you and your staff like to document. Remember you can always create custom fields to capture any additional information.

To get started, click Bulk Actions > Import

Click Choose File and select the saved .CSV file containing your list of prospects

After mapping the columns on your spreadsheet to the columns in the app, you'll see a preview of the prospects to import. *Note that you can add new prospects or update existing prospects via .CSV import.

Click Confirm to complete the import. The prospects will immediately appear in your list. You can then add them to your Draft Board, create quick scouts about the players, add notes, videos and more!

Add Prospects

To get started adding a single prospect to your list, click Add Prospect

The easiest way to add a prospect is using the 'Link Player Stats' button to browse through our database of leagues, teams and players.Simply select the radio button next to Link Player Stats and begin browsing by selecting a league, then season, then team, and finally a player

After selecting a player, their name, height and photo will fill in automatically. You can add additional information you need to including contact info before saving your changes:

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