Draft Board

The Draft Board helps coaches and scouts plan out their most high priority prospects by position.

You can add prospects to the board, drag/drop them to re-arrange by position or rank, and stay organized using lists and color-coding the board.

On the Draft Board, you can select a list using the dropdown in the top-right corner. Any lists other users on your account have shared with you will display here. Each list maintains it's own draft board so you can prioritize your prospects in the categories that matter to you and your staff.

To add a prospect to the draft board, simply hover your mouse over an empty cell, click Add Prospect, and search/select a prospect from your list:

You can also change the color of a prospect on your draft board by hovering your mouse over a prospect and selecting the color picker. Additional colors can be added by clicking the pencil icon at the end of the color-list.

These colors can designate anything that is important to you and your staff.

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