Create Custom Lists

Coaches and scout can create custom lists of prospects to help stay organized with the prospects you are scouting to join your team!

You can browse your lists from the List page:

To create and manage your lists, click Settings > Manage Lists

To create a new list, click Add List button

Next, you'll be presented with options to create either a Rule Based list or Fixed list

  • Rule Based lists are 'smart' and will update automatically when specific criteria is met (i.e. Prospects with position of Guard and league of D1)
  • Fixed lists require you to add specific prospects if they don't all share some common attribute

If you select Rule Based, you can then define the 'rules' that should dictate which prospects are added to the list. In the below example, the list will add all prospects with Position of "Guard", Division of "NCAA DI" & Tier "1". The list will automatically update over time as prospects fall in or out of these categories.

You can also choose to share the list with others on your staff.

If you select a Fixed List, you'll be prompted to search for and add prospects individually to the list.

You can also choose to share the list with others on your staff.

The lists you create will be available to help you browse prospects on both the web and mobile apps!

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