Create Custom Fields

You can create your own custom fields to apply to Prospects on the app. These fields are a great way to organize your prospects by the categories that matter most to you and your staff. Position, Tier, Grade, Division are just some examples of the type of fields you can build with ProspectView.

You can filter your prospects by these fields and create custom lists based on them.

To begin, slick Settings > Manage Fields from the top-menu:

To create a new field, click Add Field:

Add a name for your field, select a style, and choose whether the field should allow multiple values to be added for a prospect, then click Save:

After adding a new field, click Add Value to add your first value for the field.

Add a value and assign a color, then click Save.

Click the + button to add more values. You can also edit/delete values from this view, and drag/drop to re-arrange their sequence if needed:

After adding your fields & values, you can go to the Prospects list and assign values to your prospects:

You can also assign custom field values to prospects while editing in the Prospects Modal:

On the List page, you can also click Show Advanced Tools button to filter by any of your custom fields:

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