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Now in FastRecruit, you can create fields to assign to your recruits. We highly recommend creating fields for Position, Coach and Ranking, but you have the ability to create as many fields as you'd like. You will be able to sort/filter your recruit's by these fields, as well as create lists of recruits based on these fields.


Creating/Editing Fields

Assigning Values to Recruits

Creating/Editing Fields and Values:

1. To create or edit fields in FastRecruit, Click on the Setting Tab and select 'Manage Fields':

2. To create a new field, select 'Add Field'. To edit an existing field, select the pencil icon:

3. Type in the name of your field, and select a style. The style impacts how the field values will appear. Your style options are:

    Dark Text -

    Light Text -

    Outline -    

    Plain Text -

Toggle the 'Multi Select' switch on if you want to be able to assign more than 1 value to a recruit. For example, assigning two 'positions' to a recruit (PG, SG).

4. To add a value to the field you created, select 'Add Value' as seen below. You can also always click the + button next to any field to add additional values.

5. Type in the name of your value (i.e Point Guard, Coach Williams, etc.) and assign a color. Note that you will not choose a color if you chose 'Plain Text' as the style for this field.

6. To edit or delete a value you have added, select the pencil or trash icon, respectively.


7. You can sort the values in a field by dragging/dropping them using the 'hamburger icon' to the right of each.

8. Finally, you can sort the fields you've created in the same way, by dragging/dropping them using the 'hamburger icon in the top-left corner of each field.

The fields you create and the order you sequence them reflect on your 'Recruits' tab, where you can sort and filter your recruit list by any of the fields you create:

Assigning Values to Recruits:

Now that you've created some fields, let's review how we can assign values to recruits.

1. On the recruits tab, I can click in the column to assign/edit a field to a recruit. In the example below, I can select 'Add Ranking' to assign a ranking to Jaedon.

2. To edit values you've already assigned, you can select the 'pencil' icon when hovering over the field as seen below. You can then select the red X to remove a value, or the drop-down arrow to add another. Please note that you can only assign multiple values if the 'Multi Select' switch was toggled on when creating the field.

3. Alternatively, selecting a recruit, then Edit will allow you to assign or edit fields for that recruit as seen below.


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