Image/Play (Importing FastDraw Diagrams into FastScout)

Selecting the Image/Play tile will add an Image tile to your report as seen below. Click UPLOAD IMAGE to add the image, where it will prompt you to select from your computer.

After selecting your image, you can adjust the size of the image by resizing the tile.

To get your plays into a report on FastScout, first open FastDraw, locate the play/s you want to import and view that play in the Preview tab by either putting it in a Playbook or clicking FastPrint.

When viewing the diagram in the Preview tab, screenshot the diagram. To screenshot on a Mac OS computer, click Cmmd+Shift+4 at the same time, and click and drag the crosshairs to capture the area. To screenshot on a Windows OS, search for the Snipping Tool, then click and drag to capture the area and save as a photo on the desktop.


After taking a screenshot of the diagram, you can locate it on your desktop and rename it. Next, got the FastScout report you are working on, and add an Image/Play Tile. Then, upload the image/play.

You can then re-size the tile, which will automatically re-size the image.

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