1. How do I log into FastScout?

   -You can log in at fastscout.fastmodelsports.com using your email and password. Your login credentials will be the same across all FastModel products and platforms.

2. How do I get the other coaches and my players added as users?

    -This can be done by the admin of the account via the admin portal at account.fastmodelsports.com. Only admins will have access to this page. From here, users can be added or edited, as well as information and passwords changed.

FastModel Admin Portal

3. How do I create a scouting report?

   -Scouting reports can be created on the Scouts tab at the top of the page. From there, on the Opponent Scouts sub-tab, you can create a scout for any opposing team whether they are on your schedule or not. You can also create a scouting report for your own team under the Self Scouts sub-tab, in order to do any self-evaluation. 

Creating a Scout

4. How do my plays and playbooks from FastDraw get transferred into FastScout?

   -In the FastDraw desktop or iPad app, hitting the FastShare button will transfer all plays and playbooks into FastScout. That includes any new plays, as well as any changes to existing plays. This info can be found under the Plays tab in FastScout. You can also use the Plays tile within scouts to add plays to your reports.

FastSharing Plays to FastScout

5. Why aren't my scouting reports and plays showing on the FastScout mobile app?

   -In order to keep the mobile app a bit more organized, you'll need to choose which scouts, plays, and playbooks you and other team members have access to on the mobile app. Clicking the phone icon next to any report or play will bring up the list of users on your account and allow you to choose which of them can see that information on their phones or iPads! 

Send to Mobile

6. How quickly do boxscores get updated after games are played?

    -Stats will be uploaded within 24 hours of the completion of the game, but much of the time by the morning after the game date.

7. How do I switch between total stats instead of averages?

    -For any automated stats tile (box scores, personnel, etc.), under the Stats tab of the Settings menu, you'll find a Column Order section. Here, simply left-clicking on any stat will alternate between Averages (Light Grey) and Totals (Dark Bold).

 Averages vs Totals

8. The stats for my opponent are incomplete or not up to date. How do I fix this?

    -The first thing to check will be the game date of your scouting report. That game date is where we base our stats off of and will only show correct stats up until that point in the season.

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